What Are "MAT" Teams?

IN AMERICA"MAT" teams are local church or city-wide teams that are committed to do outreach evangelism in their city and community.  World Action Evangelism Association is a way to work together to reach our cities.
IN THE WORLD: They are National Indigenous Evangelism teams that are committed to go to unreached villages and people groups to preach the gospel.  They are located in National churches that are a part of our World Action  Evangelism Association in nations like India, Pakistan, Haiti, the Philippines and many others... and ready to go.  We have hundreds of such teams in India alone waiting to be launched,from a group of churches that are members with us in WAEA.  YOUR TEAM IS READY AND WAITING FOR YOU!  All they need is the equipment and sponsoring individuals or churches to GET THE VISION!


Why are they so effective?
1. They already know the culture and language.
2. They can operate on a fraction of the cost of cross-cultural
    missionaires.  Our teams cost right at $100 each per month
    and see over 1,000 souls come to Christ each month.
3. They can be equipped and trained with our multi-media equipment in a
    very short time and immediately launched into the harvest. Most of the
    teams are already trained, just needing equipment and teaching on our
    specific approach to evangelism. 
What do they do in the villages?
1. We have a very specific plan that has proven to be most effective
    After being equipped with sound system, video projector, dvd player,
    generator, mic, etc. and two powerful  video presentations
    (i.e. video worship series from Integrity Worship),
    and "The Passion" movie) they hold an outdoor rally displaying
    the video on a kingsize bed sheet hung between two trees. 
                 Haiti is used to illustrate our "MAT" teams
 (We are ready to launch teams in 17 different nations with National  Directors in place)  

    The results have been astounding.  A report I just received from our
    Haitian team saw 400 people receive Christ in just one night's rally. 
    One of our teams in the Philippines saw 1,241 people come to Christ
    in 12 days. 
2. A pastor is then placed in the village to start a church, beginning
    with a Bible study group from the many converts through our
    evangelism approach. New pastors are being trained through our
    local World MissionTraining Centers that are started with each
    "MAT" team.  Each WMTC is committed to raise up 100 pastors
    in the next 3-5 years.
       Here is a pictures of one of our many teams doing this work
          with the equipment and supplies that we give them.
                                                   Kerala, India Team
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