Law of Leverage

The ONLY way to have this high level of effectiveness
(reaching souls for 10 cents each) is to use the Law of Leverage.

Leverage is defined as a small force placed in a strategic place that can bring extraordinary movement. It is a mechanical form of the principle of multiplication.     

Man discovered leverage, and has used it in the natural realm for thousands of years. Archimedes said "Give me a lever long enough and strong enough and I can move the earth" But it was God who created leverage, and He has used it extensively throughout history to accomplish His will. We see it demonstrated in nature. E.g. a single apple seed is "leveraged" into an apple tree that produces hundreds of apples.  
I find it significant that the very first words God spoke to man was a commandment about leverage: "Be fruitful and multiply."
God uses leverage with people when he anoints prophets and apostles to perform His will. Spiritual gifts are also a form of leverage. The ultimate example of leverage was when the Father leveraged the life, death and resurrection of ONE anointed Man, His Son, to redeem ALL of mankind. Now that is leverage to the max!  God has revealed to Action Evangelism a creative way to use this same law of leverage in evangelism, to bring in 1000 souls into the Kingdom for $100 a month per team.So how does Action Evangelism capture and use this law of Leverage in evangelism?

We do this by locating teams of people who are READY to be trained and equipped in reaching the lost who live in third world countries. We then provide this team with equipment (a one time cost of $2,500), including a portable generator, projector, sound equipment, DVD's and most pivotal to this method, the DVD of the "Passion of The Christ" that they show in remote villages in their country. Once they are equipped, your $100 a month is enough to support the team, effectively putting into your "heavenly bank account" (your treasure in heaven") a credit of 1000 or more souls per month-that is real treasure!  This investment also opens up your World Mission Training Center to equip 100 national pastor in the next 5 years.  This results in raising up 100 new village churches with trained pastors in 5 years! 

The results (fruit) of these teams in the last couple years has been absolutely astounding and highly gratifying, to both us and to the Father in heaven! In India, Haiti, and the Philippines, it is common for 100-400 people to come to know the Lord in a single showing. 1000 conversions a month is not unusual. It has been as high as 5000 a month in India!
To see more WATV network videos of the harvest GO HERE
        So if you want to take advantage of this unique application of the law of leverage applied to evangelism in the kingdom, contact Jerry Brandt immediately at 813-598-6130.
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